7 Best Games to Play on a Road Trip

Today I will share with you guys seven of the best road trip games. None of these require a board card or anything these aren’t all just straight-up you drive and you talk. I hate just sitting in a car and just looking out the window, it’s boring.

let’s get started here seven of the best road trip games to play on the road.

one-minute game

This is called the one-minute game. Somebody in the car whether it’s the person you’re writing, you or pursue the left gives you a topic. your the topic is lamps for one whole minute, you have to talk about lamps you cannot say ‘um’, you cannot have really long pauses, you straight up have the toggle clamps. Here’s how I do it okay, I choose a tough talk,  oftentimes lamps are in the home. you can turn them on, you can turn them off. They tend to illuminate your house and you need to be plugged in the wall because the lamp needs electricity. The lamp has a light bulb,  it usually has a lampshade you can get all kinds of different sizes whether it’s tall lamps small lamps uh uh it’s a fun game I swear at the bud game road trip game

one-word stories

you can even do one sentence stories so basically it works like this once upon a time there was a bra and just keep going here’s a twist you can do to make more fun one-sentence stories  once upon a time there’s this really big a frog he loved your roller skate except on Sundays because on Sundays that I make this game more challenging or more the fun you can make it so people have to rhyme be careful guys with any of these games you have to be careful here’s what I mean what everybody has that one weird sexual friend that has to go over the top every time the kid that was kidding.

I’m totally kidding they always should have covered the rap saying Nah totally kidding I’m kidding here’s what I mean once upon a time there was a guy named Anna Chrissy Dan the office she loved to play a hockey one the day he did the hardest slap shot of all time but he broke his stick so that he decided to pull out is there to gain

Picnic memory game

I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing my cell phone I’m going on a picnic I’m bringing my cell phone and a laptop I wanted a picnic and bringing a cell phone a laptop and some oranges there’s no time somebody brought food to this picnic basically it’s a memory games roadtrip game.

I spy

first off you could never play I spy with a kid because usually I cycling green and it’s yellow they’re like I was kidding but then again it’s a kid you can’t get mad at them I just thought I honestly don’t think little kids can play iSpy genuinely at all when I was a little kid my version I spy was this I would go I spy with my big eye and what that meant was that I was talking about something in space nobody had like the third grade knows anything about space other than the Sun is actually a star at Mars and Pluto because that’s like it Disney carry your badge literally it I spied my big eye something that is purple it’s an alien no it’s the inner layers of venous blood.

license plate game

Another really stupid one I’m sorry because I know the video is titled seven of the best this is one of the best ones I played as a kid but looking back it is incredibly stupid so the license plate game basically of a pad of paper and you write down everything and you write down every license plate that you see I remember getting in fights my brother’s saying I already got that one that one’s mine I already claimed that car is mine if you’re with a young enough kid no don’t kill hours of time road trip game.

fortunately unfortunately

so the way you do it is you say something like unfortunately my lawnmower just broke then the next person goes well fortunately you don’t have to cut the grass anymore and then the next one goes well unfortunately my parents have a push mower that I now have to use go crazy with that one that one’s hilarious and last but not least game.

 Hot seat

each person gets a turn being in the hot seat you’re not actually switching seats to one that it’s actually warmer it’s just you’re in a seat that’s considered the hot seat drivers now in the hot seat everybody in the car gets to ask that driver three or five questions of anything they have to answer but the catch is they’re allowed
to refuse to answer one of the questions again be very careful with this one you have weird creepy friend in the car they’re gonna ask the weirdest question should be like portal dude a lot of ask it’s gonna game ah using the rules of the game to be weird city.

Those are seven of the best roadtrip games ever for some odd reason you guys are in a car with me and we’re going on a road trip no we’re playing these games we’re singing songs why I cannot just do road trip is like oh look wow that’s a rare yellow-bellied sapsucker.

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