7 Helpful Tips For A Road Trip You Should Know

Are you thinking about going on an adventurous road trip? Read this article to get the helpful tips that will make your road trip more enjoyable.

If you are tired and sick of your daily routine, it will be a great idea to go on a road trip with family or friends. A road trip is a long-distance journey away from home. You can plan to have endless opportunities like camping under the stars, checking out national parks, or visiting any place of your choice for fun.

Furthermore, road trips can be affordable, and you can do them over a long weekend. In this article, you will learn about how to be fuel-efficient when you drive, your vehicle’s safety, and all other relevant information. 

Maintain your speed on the road trip

Driving at 90 km/hr is the optimal speed for fuel consumption. If you’re driving at 120 km/hr, you’ll burn your fuel 25% faster. You may need to turn on the A/C on a hot sunny day because you won’t like to sweat. It’s not enjoyable to sweat while taking a road trip. Turning the A/C on will result in more fuel consumption. 

Fact: While you’re going fast and driving on the highway, settle yourself. If you turn on the A/C and put up the window, you’ll be more aerodynamic. 

Tip: Drive slower, turn off the A/C, and put down the windows because it’ll be way more fuel-efficient.

Check the weight before going on a road trip

Any extra pound will waste more fuel. So it’s better to empty the entire vehicle. Reduce your weight. Empty the trunk, look under the seats, and get rid of unnecessary weight. Only bring the things that you require. 

A little insider tip: Fill your tank half because it weighs a lot if you want to save fuel. So, if you fill partially, it could be 50 or 100 pounds that your car isn’t carrying around. But, you should fill your tanks more often on the way. 

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Choose a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle 

If you’re going on a road trip with family or friends and all of you have a vehicle. You should choose the one that is the most fuel-efficient. Check out the manuals to see that. Do you know those manuals that come with the car? 

That is in the glovebox that no one reads. Take that out and read it. Observe which one is the most fuel-efficient amongst you guys and take that. If you have a truck, a Sudan, you should go with Sudan. 

Ensure the stability of your vehicle

Keep your tires pumped up. It’s not just unsafe to drive with a low-pressure tire but a complete waste of fuel. Check all of your tires and the brake before your road trip. You won’t like to run into any issues while you’re on the road. 

Make sure that your car has a spare tire that works and it’s inflated. Ensure that you know how to change a car tire. Make sure you have a jack to jack up your car or a tool to remove your tire. You should have a tire pressure gauge and a pump. 

How to be entertained on a Road Trip

It’s good to have games when you’re on a road trip driving for hours. To have fun, you want to have games. It’s nice to have games when you stop somewhere on the roadside. Below is the list of a few games that you can play on the road trip:

  • Word games are great to play while you have a drive. But when you stay for the night, you’ll want to play some more interactive games or hands-on games like Pictionary. 
  • Pictionary is also a fun game because all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. You can drive hours of fun with this. The cards that come with Pictionary have categories and things you have to try and draw.
  • Some classic games are Apples to Apples. And another favorite UNO is not difficult as it looks. The great thing about them is you’re only playing with cards. No small pieces can fall in between the seats and get lost. 
  • Your hands can have the entertainment from a Mattel Game called “Pandemonium.” In this, you try to complete tasks using tiny hands. But DO NOT try to drive with these hands. 

These games are great to play if you stop somewhere. Say you’re having lunch or staying for the night. Or if there are a few of you in the backseat and you want to have some fun. Go for UNO or Apples to apples. 

Things to take along

Before going on a road trip, ensure you have useful things. Check out the following things that you should take along:

A first aid kit

Most people don’t have a first aid kit in their car. It’s something essential to have in the car. Consider you are on a hike and far away from the closest town. Your first aid kit will help you in case of injuries. You’ll have something to wrap up, pyridine, or a bandaid. 


It’s necessary to have tools before leaving for a road trip. So, make sure you have a screwdriver, a wrench, a socket wrench set, pliers, gloves, and even a lamp. Because, if you have to fix something at night, you’ll be able to see it. Like, a headlamp is so handy. 

Paper map

Paper maps are like pieces of paper showing where you are and going. These days everybody uses their GPS. But if you’re somewhere where you don’t have a signal, your phone dies, and the GPS signal fails somehow. Then you have your paper map to use. If you don’t know how to use one, start figuring it out before leaving for the road trip.

Emergency kit

Having an emergency kit for your vehicle is a tricky thing to have. You get a nail there if a light blows or a tire blows. If you are far away and don’t want to call a tow truck, tow trucks can be expensive. It’s good to have a little kit. The little kits can save you if you get into trouble on the road. 

Jumper cables

You should have jumper cables in your car. Because if your battery dies, you’ll need them. If someone else’s battery dies, you can help them out. 

Tip: Get an oil change before you leave. Most cars need one every 5000 km. So, go for it even if you’re on a road trip and need to get an oil change. Do it because it’ll save your car’s engine. 

Give your vehicle a tune-up before hitting the road. You never realize if you need to replace something. Like half a day at a repair shop when you’re on the road, make sure you get everything checked. All your fluid levels are top-up. Everything is perfect before going on your road trip. 

Places to stay on a road trip

Some people want places to stay for either cheap or free. Sleep in your car. If you’re up for it, why not? It’ll save money. There are some places like truck stops or parking lots that you can stay in for absolutely free. 

Tip: You can even shower at a truck stop on a long road trip. That’s the great thing about it. If you haven’t had a chance yet, you can do so at a truck stop. 

Stay with friends when you’re on the road. You can even stay with locals. Also, you can do some camping If you bring a tent.

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