How to Make Money on YouTube: 5 Strategies You Should Know

Regardless of which channels you are subscribed to on YouTube, from music channels. product reviews, or even ASMR video channels, you have surely wondered at some point how publishing videos can be a business or more specifically, how to make money on YouTube.

You are not the only one, believe us. We all go to YouTube almost daily and most are ignorant of this, although it is a fairly common question. But we will not let you continue with that doubt!

Since the project was born, our goal has been to help our followers achieve their goals in the digital world and provide information to help them achieve them. So we will gladly tell you how to make money on YouTube.

Here we explain 5 simple strategies for you to apply in your videos and start receiving payments from YouTube. So keep reading.

Buy YouTube views

Without extending too much we can say that the basic principle to make money on YouTube, is to get views and reproductions.

In fact, YouTube has created a Partner Management Program for content generators to affiliate and start making money once their videos reach an estimated 20,000 views.

Although we know that this is the traditional route we also recognize that it takes some time and a lot of work to reach this level of visibility, especially if we are starting from scratch. However, buying YouTube views is a great alternative to trying to speed up the process. But you need to make sure you buy real visualizations that really give your videos a boost. That is why we recommend, where you can buy YouTube views quickly, easily, and safely. The best thing about this is that the views come from 100% real YouTube users!

Apply to the YouTube Partner Managers Program

 If your goal is to make money on YouTube this is the first thing you need to do. The YouTube Partner Manager Program will allow you to earn money automatically with what is generated by the reproductions in your videos. That is the importance of reproductions!

This program works by offering a constant income through advertisements in your videos. In addition to some additional functions for the membership.

However, YouTube has set some requirements for everyone who applies for this program. These consist of a minimum of 1,000 subscribers on your channel. 

Similarly your channel should have at least 4,000 hours of content played in the last year, and being located in an eligible geographic area. The last thing the most important one is having account in Google Ad-sense.

Learn about Google Ad-sense

Among the requirements of the Partner Program, Google AdSense is perhaps the one with the most potential in terms of profits and earning money on YouTube.

The operation is quite simple: Advertisers buy video spaces on YouTube through Google AdSense. According to different characteristics (keywords, channel topic, and audience) these spaces are assigned in different videos.

Here reproductions come into play once again, as they determine the size of your channel and the money you earn. Usually, you will start earning money after raising a minimum of about $ 100. Again: An alternative to accelerate the growth of your channel is to buy YouTube views.

Check out YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium has become an excellent alternative to make money on YouTube. The process is pretty straightforward actually. You produce videos for YouTube Premium and only users with paid memberships will be able to watch them. Earnings is based on how many members watch your videos.

Sponsorship and Product Placement

On YouTube, we see a practice similar to that of other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, in which relevant users frequently start working with brands. This is an excellent opportunity not only for YouTubers but for the brands themselves. And brands are finding out!

In fact, brands like Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, and Levi’s, among many others, have started working with famous YouTubers to connect more effectively and as a complement to their traditional media campaigns. This is repeated in different regions, industries and scales, but the process is the same each time: You earn money for using or talking about a product. You can even work on affiliate sites where you will earn money for each conversion generated from your video.

Generating content for YouTube is complex. but being creative and constant you can create videos that make your channel grow and with which you can start to earn some money. And if you’ve already started and want to give your profile an additional push, consider buying YouTube views on to make your video reach authentic accounts of real people. What are you waiting for?

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