Pin Parvati Trek: Beginner Guide

Pin Parvati Trek

The Pin Parvati trek is the best trek for tourists in winter. You can enjoy lots here. This is the perfect destination for tourists. This trek is located in Himachal Pradesh. It is covered with snow. You can see lots of snow here. This trek is so tough. You cannot easily climb mountains. There are very high peaks to climb. It is a very beautiful trek for tourists.This trek provides you a lot of experience. The pin parvati trek builds from the cold dry desert of spiti. You can enjoy hot water springs at Parvati kund at kheerganga. This place has an amazing experience for tourists. Beginners can start their journey here and enjoy lots. They captured these movements.


Best Time To Visit

The best time to plan the Pin Parvati trek is the summer season. In the summer season the weather is not so hot,during this time the weather is so cool. Icy wind ,cool weather , brizes,and snowy garden in pain parvati trek. You plan this trip in the month of May to September. It is the ideal time to plan for a pain pass trek. You can easily reach it on this trek. There is no difficulty in your trek.


How to Reach

You can easily reach it on this trek. You reach Pathankot from where Manali is accessible by road. Bhuntar airport is the nearest airport and is around 52 km away from Manali. Cabs, buses, trains and taxis are also available from there to Manali.You can see here lust green forests, alpine meadows,streams and valleys. One can enjoy the basic camp organized here. If somebody knows how to reach this trek and set in their mind how to reach, where they stay and all the plans they set in their mind, these things make their trek so easy.

Places to Visit

Bhaba Pass

It is also known as Bhawa pass. It is a high level mountain pass situated in Himachal Pradesh in the Indian Himalayas. It is a very beautiful mountain Trek. It is a very tough trek to climb. It is situated on the border of Kinnaur district,Lahaul district, Spiti district,and Pin valley border e.t.c.


Debsa Pass

It is situated in Kullu and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh. This trek was discovered after approaching through the Parbati river valley in kullu. It is a very beautiful trek for tourists to enjoy their journey.

Mantalai Temple

An ancient temple lord Shiva is also known as Mantalai temple. The Mantalai is a very famous lord Shiva temple. This is considered as the place where mother Parvati was born. The idol of kanya Parvati is very small. This is a very famous trek remembered by lord Shiva and Parvati. This trek is known as lord Shiva trek.


Muling Bhaba Valley

It is a very beautiful place for trekkers who love Trekking and camping. It is situated in the district kunnar in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a very attractive place with greenery, grassland and snow covered can enjoy lots here.


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Things To Carry



You can carry two to three pairs of clothes. It is a winter place so you can carry some jackets and sweaters.


Torch light

The torch helps you to see at night. Many people travel at night so the torch helps you to see at night.


Socks and shoes

You must carry some extra pair of shoes and socks in your bag.


Food items

Carry food items like Butter, Jam, Bread, Snacks they help you in this trek. 



Some Toiletries items you can carry with you- soap, brush, Toilet paper, paste, shampoo e.t.c. 



You can carry some caps with you. These caps help you in winter. 


Trekking Items

You can pick some Trekking items in your bag. These items help you to make your trek easy. It is a wonderful Trekking destination.


Level of Difficulty

This trek is not so easy to climb and not too hard to climb. But sometimes some difficulty comes in the way of this trek. You reach this trek by road. You can take a cab to reach this trek. This trek is so attractive to see. The trek is an amazing experience. 

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