Top 10 Destinations in Hawaii for Your Next Trip

Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 best place in Hawaii. we’re looking at the most fascinating and enticing islands parks and beaches in Hawaii.

Mauna kea

Mauna kea Volcano

Mauna kea is at an elevation of 4207.3. This dormant volcano is the highest point in Hawaii with another 6000 meters underwater. Mauna kea is technically the tallest mountain in the world when you add it all up given its high altitude the volcano is a hot spot for astronomical observation at the summit is the Subaru telescope which is owned by the national astronomical observatory of japan as of writing tours of this facility are suspended although hopefully reservations will become available by the end of the year in any case visitors are still free to climb to the summit a perfect place to watch the sun rise or set making your way back down to the visitor information station you can observe the stars.


Hawai beach

Kohala the island of Hawaii earns its nickname of the big island being the largest in the u.s as such it’s hard to explore the whole island in one trip if you’re going to restrict yourself to one area. Kohala is the place to unwind the western shore of Kohala coast is legendary for its first class golf courses luxury hotels and exquisite beaches hapuna beach state park in particular will have you in awe of its white sand and turquoise waters.

Further north, you’ll find the black sand beach of pololu valley which is also rich in hiking trails you may be on the big island but kohala isn’t without small town charm.


Island lanai

lanai lanai or lanai is known for its fruitful pineapple plantation hence the nickname pineapple island lanai city is the only inhabited part of the island making this the ideal place to get away from it all while the island itself is largely secluded hulapoy bay is among the most popular spots during the summer even in the winter visitors flock to the beach in hopes of sighting dolphins or humpback whales on the horizon although we associate hawaii with tropical trees and crystal waters the garden of the gods stands out officially named ke akiakovelo this rock garden is draped in red orange and purple colors whether you take a jeep or mountain bike it’s one of hawaii’s most unusually beautiful areas to explore.


Molokai cliff

Molokai the friendly isle as it’s called is certainly welcoming on a surface level the moment you lay eyes on its sumptuous green mountains you’re overcome with an inviting sentiment halawa valley provides one of hawaii’s most satisfying hikes as you trek through the misty hills to the waterfalls if relaxing by the shore is more your speed papahaku beach park is nearly three miles of luxurious white sand it usually isn’t that crowded either allowing you to bask in the sun peacefully. Take a mule ride to access kalaupapa national historical park before it was a park this area of the kalaupapa peninsula was a quarantine site for leprosy you can learn about the site’s fascinating history while also taking in the lush scenery.


Kauai island

kauai even if you’ve never been to the garden island you’ll likely recognize a few sites from popular culture waimea canyon for example was a shooting location for jurassic park and jurassic world while you won’t come across any dinosaurs in this state park the distinctive red soil will leave your jaw hanging open in astonishment the waterfalls in hanapepe valley were also prominently featured in the first jurassic park and since we’re on the subject of spielberg films the opening of raiders of the lost ark was shot in kauai as well although we wouldn’t recommend swinging on any vines like indi the jungle scenery makes kauai a prime location for a zipline adventure when you’re in kauai the journey is the real treasure.

 Hawaii volcanoes national park

hawai park

Hawaii volcanoes national park volcanoes are so intimidating and yet so alluring as such they make for some of the most captivating sights in all of hawaii if volcanoes are what you seek look no further than this world heritage site located on the big island the park is home to two of the most active volcanoes on earth mauna loa is the biggest volcano in the world although it hasn’t seen an eruption since 1984, Kilauea on the other hand most recently erupted in December 2020, not too far away from the main summit is Kilauea iki a massive pit crater for a trip back to 1959 when Kilauea ike erupted take a stroll down devastation trail of all the craters though halema umau has the most dramatic view.


Maui hawai place

Maui the second largest hawaiian island maui has it all, whether you wish to hike eo valley or go snorkeling at kanapali beach you can have the full hawaiian experience here. For an experience unlike any other however hit hana highway for a road trip extending 64.4 miles from kahului to hana. this is the ultimate scenic route on the curvy road to hana , you’ll be engulfed by the surrounding tropical rainforest the drive itself only takes a couple of hours without pulling over to make the most of your trip though we’d recommend making stops at hamoa beach haleakala national park and wailua falls. there is no better way to see the valley isle in all of its glory.

 Uss Arizona

uss arizona place hawai

Uss Arizona memorial December 7 1941 is indeed a date which will live in infamy 2403 americans died during the attack on pearl harbor [Music] 1177 of which were aboard the uss arizona as painful as it can be to revisit it’s important to reflect on this tragedy and remember the lives lost that being said the uss arizona memorial is a must visit reached via boat the museum resides above the wreckage although a majority of the battleship is underwater the top of an oil slick does reach above the surface the museum possesses a unique design courtesy of architect alfred price stretching 184 feet the squashed milk carton structure symbolizes america’s pride before the war depression on that infamous day and the power that helped the country endure.

North Shore Oahu

north shore hawai

north shore Oahu just as the island of Oahu is known as the gathering place the north shore is a magnet for surfers and not just the locals surfers come from all over to dominate the gigantic waves while waimea bay and sunset beach are both prime areas to catch some serious waves the bonsai pipeline in aokai beach is the most famous even if you’re not a surfer watching the pros is still a spectacle the north shore is especially popular late in the year when the triple crown of surfing takes place of course there is more to the north shore than surfing if you and your buddies want to fully recreate the movie point break there’s also skydiving or maybe just cool off with some shaved ice.

Waikiki Beach

waikiki beach hawai

waikiki beach the largest city in hawaii honolulu has also been ranked among the most livable cities in the u.s while we could easily make a list solely comprised of honolulu destinations hawaii is all about the beaches in the neighborhood of waikiki there are eight atmospheric beaches for the price of one duke kahanamoku beach being the largest kahanamoku whose memory was commemorated in waikiki with a bronze statue helped introduce surfing to a wider audience on that note waikiki is another hot spot for surfing not to mention shopping sailing and hula dancing for a view of waikiki that can’t be topped hike to the summit of diamond head this also provides an awesome backdrop while taking pics on the beach

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