Top 5 Android Apps – August 2021

I have gathered the 5 best Android apps of August 2021. So, let’s get right into the article. Android App

Did you ever wish there was an easy way to remove the background of any image? Well, there’s with that removes backgrounds from any image in just 5 seconds. It is completely free and works even with challenging conditions like hair.

The app uses artificial intelligence technology that detects both foreground and background and isolates the two, all while keeping the quality as maximum.

Edges, textures, hairs, and other complicated elements are taken care of.

The app has a huge collection of new backgrounds or you can upload another image for background and download the file in the highest quality available in a jiffy. The app already has millions of installs so it is worth trying.

Air Visual

air visual android app


Whether you are someone who keeps a tab on pollution and air quality then Air Visual is a great app that will keep you updated on air quality information and with no advertising.

The app shows historical and real-time air quality indexes, 7-days forecasts and produces a detailed outlook on pollutants. Air Visual lets you keep a tab on air pollution, weather, and with health recommendations,

you can be a step ahead of the pack when visiting a new place or country.

The app has coverage in more than 10,000 cities in 8+ countries across the globe and more are being added. Trusted by air quality stations across many countries, the app, Air Visual has maintained its prowess in the air quality
and weather information category of apps with millions of installs.


meteor android app

Meteor is a speed test app that lets you check the speeds of 3G, 4G, and 5G networks as well as Wi-Fi. The app lets you check download, upload, and ping on a connected network. It has a feature to check whether an app will
run smoothly or will have some issues based on the internet speed available.

This includes 27 popular apps and games and more are being added. The app has historical internet speed test data for any location you search or reside via its network coverage map.

There are no ads on the app and it is completely free to use.


bitlit Android App



BitLit is a modern Android customization community news app that offers updates on apps, giveaways, launches, app updates, and more. The app segregates news based on different
categories that you can access with ease. There’s Top News, Highlights, and Top Grossing
among other news sections.

Also, news on BitLit is updated multiple times a day which means it will keep you updated with the latest bits in the news section. BitLit offers a clean and sophisticated UI with a modern UI made in Flutter.

The app has a light and dark mode on-board. The app is free to use and there are no ads


unlim cloud

Another app from Google Play Store treasury, the UnLim allows you to store unlimited photos and videos on the cloud which doesn’t have any storage limit. You can save an unlimited number of files and music albums too. Plus, there’s a built-in music player too.

The USP of the app is the fact that it is free to use although with some ads. It is currently in development and thus, more features will be added as we go forward.

All the data is stored in one place and with optimum security. You can switch between light, dark, and custom themes on UnLim.


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