Top Treks to do in Karnataka

Trekking has become a favorite outdoor activity for many people. It has now become a favorite pastime for many people on their weekends. Whenever Mumbaikars are on weekends, they backpack their stuff and decamp from their pollution-exposed and stressful life toward their favorite trekking destination near Karnataka. There are many trekking sites which are near to the city. So you can easily visit those places without any hassle. You can also rent a car to reach near the site. 


Trekking is a huge source of learning and inspiration, the benefits of trekking are not limited to enjoying and exploring only. While trekking, you do not only walk for hours but also consciously or subconsciously observe the environment, people, and actions and learn from them. 


Karnataka is famous for its beautiful trekking sites. Many best places in Karnataka are famous for their trekking spots. 


Here is the list of top treks in Karnataka that you must visit once in a lifetime if you are a trekking lover.


Kudremukh Trek


Kudremukh Trek is a stunning adventure trek, located in Chikmagalur. This beautiful place is surrounded by flora and fauna, making you feel like you have landed in paradise. You can see a peacock spreading his feathers and deer with a sheen body wandering here and there. This misty valley is no less than heaven, this place is full of grasslands, streams, and rolling green hills. A nature lover will surely love this place. This beautiful trek attracts a lot of national and international tourists every year. 


Tadiandamol Trek


Tadiandamol Trek comes under one of the challenging treks of Karnataka. This place is perfect for an adventure seeker. Tadiandamol Trek is a perfect combination of beauty and adventure. This trek is the trail to the highest peak in Coorg. The awe-inspiring surroundings of Tadiandamol Trek include grasslands, shola forests, and waterfalls, making it the best trekking place in Karnataka. This place is perfect for newbies or beginners. This place is best to visit with your family as it is well maintained and safety equipment is there. 


Hampi Trek


Hampi is a historical land and is very famous for its art, culture, and history, this is the reason why this destination is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get a quick picture of Hampi, flip any fifty rupee note. Hampi has various trekking trails, the famous ones are Hemakuta Hill Trek, Matanga Hill Trek, and the Anjaneya Hill Trek. This trail is the perfect option for everyone who wants to enjoy and explore the heritage of the ‘Hampi’– the historical city. 


BabaBudangiri Trek


BabaBudangiri Trek is located in the mountains of Chikmagalur, also named Dattagiri Hill. The reason behind this name is due to the shrine’s believed connection to Guru Dattatreya. That place is famous because of two reasons, firstly, this place holds its serenity beautifully, and secondly, beautiful Kurinji is the dignity of BabaBudangiri Trek, found in the hills of the Nilgiris. 


Kodachadri Trek


Kodachadri Trek is located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka and is one of the popular trekking spots in this area. The trails of the kodachi trek are through the paddy fields in the village, forests, and grassland, this is a unique and memorable spot. You can also watch animals such as Malabar Langoor and Indian Rock Python. This trek can be visited by beginners or newbies too because the trails are well defined, making it easier to trek. 


Dandeli Trek


The Dandeli is famous for its beauty and serenity, rich with flora and fauna. Kavala Caves trek, the Kulgi-Nagzari Valley trek, and Potoli-Shiroli are some famous trekking trails of the Dandeli Trek. Apart from its beautiful and picturesque location, this place is famous for other adventures as well. 


Mullayanagiri Trek


The highest peak in Karnataka is Mullayanagiri. It is a beautiful yet challenging task for trekkers to sleep in nature. This place is regarded as ‘Mini Himalayas’. Mullayanagiri Trek is not a place for newbies or beginners. The journey to the Mullayanagiri trek is quite difficult but in the end, you will get a picturesque location from the top, where you can see the beauty of Western Ghats. 


Kemmanagundi Trek


Kemmanagundi Trek is the most beautiful Trek in Karnataka holding beautiful mountains, valleys, and gardens. This place is perfect for newbies or beginners. This place is famous for its Z point, the view from Z point is picturesque and awe-inspiring. You can also get to see some waterfalls on your way, such as Shanti Falls, Hebbe Falls, etc.

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